From June to September we’re organizing a series of events to get acquainted with activities at Merigar. Everyone is invited to participate, and the events are free.

Instructors from the Dzogchen Community will lead short sessions to give you a chance to explore three different activities.

  • Mediation: calm the mind while getting a taste of presence and awareness.

  • Yantra Yoga: coordinated movement and breathing for physical, energetic, and mental benefits.

  • Khaita Joyful Dances: simple and fun popular dances.



  • Sunday 23 JUNE, 4 pm: Yantra Yoga and Meditation (Gönpa)
  • Saturday 29 JUNE 5 pm: Meditation and Khaita (Mandala Hall)


  • Wednesday 3 JULY 6 pm: Yantra Yoga and Khaita (Gönpa)
  • Saturday 13 JULY 6 pm: Yantra Yoga and Meditation (Mandala Hall)
  • Wednesday 17 JULY 6 pm:  Meditation and Khaita (Mandala Hall)
  • Sunday 28 JULY 5 pm:  Meditation and Khaita (Mandala Hall)
  • Wednesday 31 JULY 5 pm: Yantra Yoga and Meditation (Gönpa)


  • Saturday 3 AUGUST 4 pm: Yantra Yoga and Meditation (Mandala Hall)
  • Monday 5 AUGUST 6 pm:  Yantra Yoga and Khaita (Mandala Hall)
  • Friday 16 AUGUST 11 am Yantra Yoga and Meditation (Gönpa)
  • Friday 23 AUGUST 6 pm: Meditation and Khaita (Gönpa)
  • Sunday 25 AUGUST 11 am: Yantra Yoga and Meditation (Mandala Hall)
  • Wednesday 28 AUGUST 6 pm: Yantra Yoga and Khaita (Gönpa)
  • Saturday 31 AUGUST 5 pm: Yantra Yoga and Meditation (Gönpa)


  • Sunday 8 SEPTEMBER 11 am: Meditation and Khaita (Mandala Hall)
  • Saturday 14 SEPTEMBER 4 pm: Yantra Yoga and Meditation (Mandala Hall)


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