Educational Program for new Khaita Experts and Instructors

16 – 22 July 2023

Educational Program for new Khaita Experts and Instructors



Joyful Dances Khaita – School of Dance

Educational Program to train new experts and instructors - 2nd course

with Adriana Dal Borgo and Petra Zezulkova


For whom is this course?

Anybody who has a basic knowledge of the dances, having taken part in at least one course, and in particular:

  • who wishes to deepen the knowledge of the Khaita dances, who wishes to become an instructor, who wishes to organize and/or take part in events and shows;
  • who is interested in using music and dance as a tool of training awareness and presence;
  • who works or would like to work in the social sector to promote wellbeing in various areas;
  • who is interested in folk dance as the artistic expression of a culture and the values transmitted by it;
  • some sessions will be dedicated to discover the healing power of song and the human voice

If you're interested in pursuing your study of Khaita, this year the Educational Program will continue with the:

– 3rd course in Dzamling Gar, (Tenerife – Spain) November 20-26, 2023

On successful completion of the first year of the Khaita Educational Program, students will obtain a certificate as a 1st year Khaita expert student regardless of whether they’ll continue the Program and may:

  • lead Khaita classes
  • start organizing events or projects related to Khaita
  • simply greatly improve their Khaita dancing skills


With the Khaita project Prof. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu planted a precious seed that we, all together, can take care of, develop and make blossom if more of us acquire a deep understanding and a good knowledge of it. Thus, a beautiful tree can manifest and its flowers can bloom for the benefit of all human beings.

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