Educational Program for new Khaita Experts and Instructors

26 July – 2 August 2021

Educational Program for new Khaita Experts and Instructors




Khaita Dance School 

Educational Program for new Khaita Experts and Instructors

with Adriana Dal Borgo, Salima Celeri and Camilla Dell'Agnola

The course will be confirmed and updated as required by government and regional regulations in force on the scheduled dates. If it is not possible to attend in person, the course can be followed on line.

The course is open to all those who want to deepen their knowledge of Khaita Joyful Dances.

The following aspects will be dealt with:

  • studying the origin of Khaita: meaning, history
  • familiarity with the material (texts, video, training video etc.): how it is organized, how and where to find it, categories of the songs and dances, etc.
  • reading the texts of some of the songs, recognizing some of the recurring words
  • the circle dances: steps, movements, recognizing the similarities and differences between the dances.
  • Intro to choreographed dances: connection with the meaning of the texts, how they were created, by whom and on what occasion
  • application of sound and movement as tools in a path of awareness and presence.

The dance is not separated from singing. In this week we will discover how these two aspects are connected, training ourselves and then using them in a harmonious way. In particular, during the intensive seminar Unisono with Camilla Dell’Agnola, we will dedicate two days to train the voice and the body in rhythm as a possibility of being together, united and connected.


For whom is this course?

Anybody who has a basic knowledge of the dances, having taken part in at least one course, and in particular:

  • who wishes to deepen the knowledge of the Khaita dances, who wishes to become an instructor, who wishes to organize and/or take part in events and shows
  • who is interested in using music and dance as a tool of training awareness and presence;
  • who works or would like to work in the social sector to promote wellbeing in various areas (Khaita as a physical activity, education in schools, recreation in structures for the elderly, rehabilitation of those with physical or mental health issues)
  • who is interested in folk dance as the artistic expression of a culture and the values transmitted by it.


This course is also part of a training to reach the qualification of instructor, but it is possible to attend to one course only.

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