Library Talks: The Necklace of Pearls: Introduction to the poems of ‘Jam-dbyangs Chos-sgron

26 July 2019

Library Talks: The Necklace of Pearls: Introduction to the poems of ‘Jam-dbyangs Chos-sgron


The Necklace of Pearls: Introduction to the poems of ‘Jam-dbyangs Chos-sgron

with Iacobella Gaetani

The poetic works of 'Jam-dbyang Chos-sgron describe the remarkable story of an educated and deeply religious woman destined to play a significant role in the history of her country.  From her privileged upbringing at the court of sDe-dge to her years of imprisonment, her poetry recounts the years of upheaval that shook her homeland during the 20th century.

The seventh episode of the 2019 season. After the good success of 2018, we have expanded Library Talks to "Library Talks and Beyond," a series of itinerant cultural events for knowledge sharing in the Merigar Library and in Arcidosso.


The complete program:

  • Saturday 27 April, 18:00 - ARCIDOSSO Sala Consiliare Fabio Risolo, Rilassamento e presenza nella vita quotidiana. (Relaxation and presence in everyday life)
  • Friday 3 May, 18:00  - ARCIDOSSO Sala Consiliare Gino Vitiello, Samsara. Dolore e piacere nella psicologia buddhista (Samsara. Pain and pleasure in Buddhist psychology.)
  • Thursday 30 May, 18:00 - ARCIDOSSO Sala Conferenze - Castello. Elio GuariscoOltre la mente distratta. (Beyond the distracted mind)
  • Saturday 1 June, 18:00  - MERIGAR  - Library Steve Landsberg, Discovering Dharma: A Journey to India in the 1960s.
  • Saturday 22 June, 19:00 - MERIGAR  Natanavedica East/West Performing Arts (Artistic direction: Maresa Moglia), Akasha: Dances and stories from India
  • Saturday 20 July, 18:00 ARCIDOSSO Sala Conferenze - Castello Fabian Sanders, I luoghi dell’abbondanza. Viaggio fra le “Terre nascoste” di Europa, India e Tibet. (The places of abundance. Journey through the "Hidden Lands" of Europe, India and Tibet.)
  • Friday 26 July, 18:00 MERIGAR  - Library Iacobella Gaetani, La collana di perle. Introduzione alle poesie di ‘Jam-dbyangs Chos-sgron (The Necklace of Pearls: Introduction to the poems of ‘Jam-dbyangs Chos-sgron)
  • Saturday 3 August, 18:00 MERIGAR  - Library Lobsang Zatul, Leg-shad or “Good Sayings” in Tibetan tradition (I Leg-shad o Aforismi nella Tradizione Tibetana)
  • Friday 16 August, 18:00 MERIGAR - Mandala Anna ScattignoA Saint in Our Midst - David Lazzaretti and the Jurisdavidic Community
  • Sunday 18 August, 18:00 MERIGAR  - Library Cristiana de Falco, Donne di Saggezza. Yeshe Tsogyal (Women of wisdom. Yeshe Tsogyal)
  • Friday 6 September, 18:00 ARCIDOSSO Sala Conferenze - Castello Michael Katz, Dream yoga and lucid dreaming