Retreat for Dzogchen Community Practitioners

6 – 11 August 2020

Retreat for Dzogchen Community Practitioners



Retreat for Practitioners from the Dzogchen Community

Reserved to those who have received teachings from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Practice retreat based on a The Stairway to Liberation by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

The course will be confirmed and updated as required by government and regional regulations in force on the scheduled dates. If it is not possible to attend the retreat also in person, the course will be held online only.

Details soon.


Safety information

Mats will be spaced apart as required by government and regional regulations, and participants must adhere to the specified distance, bring a mask, and sanitize their hands at the entrance. Those who have a fever or flu-like symptoms may not participate, nor can anyone who has been recently in contact with people with Covid-19.

You are welcome to bring your own mat or at least one towel to cover the yoga mat. It will also be possible to purchase a new mat on site. No snacks or drinks will be provided. Please bring your own if you feel the need. A water fountain is available near the Gönpa where you can fill your bottle.