Library Talks - The Discovery of a Sanctuary

16 June 2023

Library Talks - The Discovery of a Sanctuary


 The Discovery of a Sanctuary

New archaeological discoveries in San Casciano dei Bagni

with Irene Picchieri

We are pleased to host this meeting in Merigar which will lead us to discover the recent archaeological finds in San Casciano dei Bagni, among sacred basins, thousands of votive offerings, altars, inscriptions, statues and coins. One of the most important archaeological discoveries of recent years.

In a constant fight against water and hot mud and with the complex health protocol in place imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, during June, July and September 2020, the excavation south of the medieval pools at Bagno Grande brought to light a small part of a multi-stratified Roman sanctuary. Many traces of earlier occupation of this site were identified in the area; in particular a large wall made of regularly cut blocks, under the earliest Augustan sanctuary, is perhaps evidence of a Hellenistic structure underneath.

Since then it has been a succession of surprises, up to the most sensational of all, with the discovery of the 24 Roman bronze statues during the excavation of 2022.

What awaits us from the next excavation campaign that is about to begin?


For reasons of logistics, this talk will be offered in Italian only.

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