Yantra Yoga practice retreat for instructors

17 – 19 August 2022

Yantra Yoga practice retreat for instructors



Yantra Yoga intensive practice retreat

Preliminaries, pranayamas, and Yantras 

with Laura Evangelisti

Retreat reserved for Yantra Yoga instructors as well as instructors of the Eight Movements of Yantra Yoga  who have received the transmission of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or expert practitioners of Yantra Yoga who have followed a Teacher Training.

Every day, we will practice Yantra Yoga preliminaries after warming up, followed by explanation and practice of pranayamas and the related Yantras. The afternoon session will include a moment of sharing and discussion on the experiences of teaching Yantra Yoga in different contexts, both within the Dzogchen Community and outside and in schools, and proposals for events concerning Yantra Yoga.

This retreat will be a special occasion for teachers to refine the practice under Laura's supervision.