The International Dzogchen Community is a secular community of planetary dimensions based on the principles of awareness and respect. It emerged spontaneously around its inspiration and teacher, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and is open to everyone.

The various centers of the Community are considered places where people can come close to, share and apply the practice of awareness, places where it is possible to collaborate with others with a view to common spiritual enrichment, friendship and harmony.

The Dzogchen Community is a space particularly suited to the needs of contemporary life, meeting the growing need to support modern technology by drawing on ancient wisdom.




The largest meeting centers are called Gars.

Currently there are two in Europe (Merigar Italy and Merigar East in Romania), two in Russian-speaking countries (Kunsangar), two in the United States (Tsegyalgar), two in South America (Tashigar), one in Australia (Namgyalgar), and one in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Dzamling Gar).

The Community has thousands of members in over forty countries.

The Dzogchen Community is supported by membership fees, by fees for participation in courses, and donations for specific projects.

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Founded in 1981, Merigar was the first Gar of the Dzogchen Community and is a cultural association of international scope. It was born on the inspiration and under the guidance of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu as a place where people can meet, receive teachings, and study and apply them in daily life. Over the years it has increasingly developed as a place where many people, not necessarily linked to Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s Teaching, can spend a few hours or days in a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere for personal inner growth or even alone to recharge from the stress of everyday life.


From the very beginning Merigar has had a very close relationship with the area and in recent years collaboration with the neighboring Municipalities has become an important reality.

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Gars and Lings

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The Mirror is the official magazine of the International Dzogchen Community. It contains information about the activities of the Community all over the world.


Official Dzogchen Community Channel


The Community has a non-bureaucratic organization based on organisms with elected representatives, called Gakyils, who take care of the management of the various Gars and Lings.



Gakyil (lit. 'mandala of joy') is a body made up of three distinct sections with the colors yellow, red and blue, which, according to an ancient Buddhist model, correspond to the three aspects of the individual (body, energy and mind).

The Yellow Gakyil (connected to the dimension of the body) takes care of economic management, the Red Gakyil (connected to the energy dimension) of the activities and projects that concern the maintenance and development of the center, the Blue Gakyil (connected to the dimension of the mind) cares for cultural activities and those related to practice. The Gakyil is a collective body, without any hierarchy, and decisions are taken by common agreement of all members.Gakyil members can be from three to nine and are elected every three years.

In addition to the local Gakyil there is the International Gakyil, which manages and coordinates the International Dzogchen Community.


Here the Merigar West Statute in english

The current Gakyil is composed by:

  • Fabio Risolo, vicepresidente e blue gakyil
  • Sergio Quaranta, blue gakyil
  • Karin Koppensteiner, red gakyil
  • Anna De Sole, red gakyil
  • Gabriele Siedlecky, red gakyil
  • Giuseppe Cammarota, yellow gakyil

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