The International Dzogchen Community is based on the principles of awareness, respect and collaboration. To ensure that the Community is alive it is necessary that those who are part of it collaborate and that in turn take the responsibility of keeping the ranks of the organization together.

Merigar, born in 1981, is a gar with around 1600 members spread across Western Europe and several thousand people who are interested at different levels.

In 2013 the statute introduced the rule that a member of the gakyil undertakes the commitment for 3 years, renewable up to a maximum of 6 years.

It is therefore the right time for those who have time and desire to step forward to start collaborating by taking responsibility for a project and thus begin to understand the complexity of the organizational machine. In this way it is possible to create the basis of candidacies for the next "mature" gakyil, that is, of people who have understood through a concrete experience what role they will play and with a clear idea of ​​the commitment it requires.

Those interested can contact the current gakyil by writing to

The role of the gekö also includes a shift. To find out more about the role and commitment required, in addition to the information below, you can contact

If you are a practitioner and member of the Dzogchen Community and you want the Teaching of our beloved and precious Master to continue in the direction indicated by Him of attitude to presence, awareness and mental openness, take a step forward!


The Community has a non-bureaucratic organization based on organisms with elected representatives, called Gakyils, who take care of the management of the various Gars and Lings.

Gakyil (lit. 'mandala of joy') is a body made up of three distinct sections with the colors yellow, red and blue, which, according to an ancient Buddhist model, correspond to the three aspects of the individual (body, energy and mind).

The Yellow Gakyil (connected to the dimension of the body) takes care of economic management, the Red Gakyil (connected to the energy dimension) of the activities and projects that concern the maintenance and development of the center, the Blue Gakyil (connected to the dimension of the mind) cares for cultural activities and those related to practice. The Gakyil is a collective body, without any hierarchy, and decisions are taken by common agreement of all members. Gakyil members can be from three to nine and are elected every three years.

What does the Gekö do?

The Gekö is the guardian of the Gar and for this reason it has many important functions:

The Gekö welcomes those who arrive in Merigar especially during the holidays and when the offices are closed, giving information.

He actively collaborates with the Gakyil, the secretariat, the maintenance manager and with anyone who collaborates with Merigar for the success of all activities.

In particular the Gekö:

  • has the task of managing, in coordination with the Gakyil, the daily life needs of any Master, instructor or guest of the Gar.
  • manages the preparation of the Gönpa and the Mandala Room, and the places where events are held before and after each event, course, retreat.
  • is in charge of managing the preparation of all feasts and celebrations, including Losar, where he coordinates the preparation of the prayer flags and everything that needs to be done to be displayed throughout the Gar.
  • Coordinates and organizes the Karma Yoga activity in collaboration with the Gakyil in the Gar.
  • Deals with the organization of the Ganapuja that are held in the Gar, preparing part of the offerings.
  • Receives suppliers.
  • Supervise the kitchen and check that the kitchen and dining room are in order. He is responsible for the daily shopping of the Gar, receives the contribution of the people who eat in the canteen.
  • Manages the pantry, with all the basic necessities. Helps the cook when it's time to equip the kitchen by finding help in Karma Yoga.
  • Manages the retreat houses.
  • Is responsible for the cleaning of the Gar in general and in particular of Serkang, of the Gönpa, of the Mandala Hall, as well as of the cleaning and minor maintenance of Gadeling.