The Dzogchen Community is a nonprofit cultural association founded on the principles of the Dzogchen teaching.

Its primary focus is the study and dissemination of these profound teachings through the active commitment of participants.

Its principal activity is for members.

The income to sustain the activities and structures of the Community derives in part from membership dues, in part from participation in courses and retreats, and in part from donations for specific projects.

Members wishing to renew their membership for 2024 are requested to do so by 31 March 2024.

If you want to renew your membership but are experiencing serious financial difficulties, please contact Gankyil by sending an email to and we will look for a solution together.

You can renew: - with your ling – in Merigar in person – by bank transfer -by Paypal


Download the form, print it, send us a photo or a scan of the document complete with all the informations necessary for your membership renewal, to: 

If you wish to renew your membership with your Ling, please contact your Ling directly. Click here to find your Ling


Payments by Bank Transfer 

Purpose: Membership 2024 (please also provide name of member, membership type, full or partial payment)             

Account name:
Comunità Dzogchen di Merigar –  Loc. Merigar   58031  Arcidosso  Grosseto Italia

Comunità Dzogchen di Merigar –  Loc. Merigar   58031  Arcidosso  Grosseto Italia
Banca  MONTE DEI PASCHI DI SIENA  filiale di Arcidosso  GR
c/c  n. 3120.29 ABI  01030 CAB  72160
Cod. IBAN      IT64 N010 3072 1600 0000 0312 029

Payments by PayPal or Credit Card:
Loc. Merigar 58031 Arcidosso GR (Grosseto)

Update your membership or reneval on the website of the International Dzogchen Community, so you can login (and the first time receive the password for) the Replay of the webcast:

If you are registred already  here

First registration here

If you belong to a Ling you can also subscribe directly to the Ling and you will be automatically subscribed to Merigar and the International Dzogchen Community.

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