MariaCamilla Dell'Agnola

Actress, singer, musician, trainer and voice and movement teacher. She graduated in the viola at the G.Verdi Conservatory,  Milan. Following training in Contact Improvisation and contemporary dance with Ariella Vidach in Milan, she earned her professional dancer’s course diploma at Lucca,  studying with Roberto Castello, Cristina Rizzo, Virgilio Sieni, Enzo Cosimi, Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini. Since 2001 she has formed and works with Sista Bramini in Rome as an actress-singer with the theatrical company O Thiasos TeatroNatura, with which she creates projects and performances that take place in natural places and archaeological sites, storytelling performances accompanied by music and performances for children in schools. Since 2007 she has lead the training in nature for actors and with research projects. She has continued  the work of the art of storytelling further with Sista Bramini. She has composed and edited music for a number of  performances. She has collaborated with the 
Grotowsky Institute in an International project 'Song of Songs' run by Maisternia Pisni (a Ukrainian theatre group which researches  voice and theatre).  From 2002 until 2010, she studied  traditional polyphonic singing of Italy and Eastern Europe with Francesca Ferri, also deepening the work on traditional songs from the Ukraine with Natalka Polovinka  (Maisternia Pisni Company),  traditional Bulgarian songs with Dessislava Stefanova (London Bulgarian Choir), Vibratory chanting of Haiti’s ritualistic tradition with Maud Robart and  the songs of the Baul tradition of Bengal with Parvathi Baul (India). Since 2009 she has been part of  the ‘41st Parallel Female Orchestra’ with whom she recorded the album ‘Viaggio orizzontale' and she founded the  ViolaContraKora Trio of which she oversaw the arrangements of the traditional West African and Mediterranean repertoire. She took part in the vocal Trio FrancescaFerri with whom she participated in several concerts and recorded the CD 'In questo mondo' with original music composed for theatre. Since 2009, she has been leading workshops on natural singing and rhythm rooted in the body (‘Canto e Ritmica’ con Hurum Theatre, ‘Il gesto del coro’ con O Thiasos -- Rome).  She  is a Linklater Method® certified teacher (2017) and earned a  Master's Degree in "Expression Dynamics on the Voice: the Linklater Method" at the University of Rome (Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy), studying with the Master Teacher Kristin Linklater and several other specialized teachers and artists including Merry Conway, Alessandro Fabrizi, Gloria Desideri, and Giorgio Rossi. Together with Valentina Turrini, she formed the Vocal Duo ‘Le Paesaggianti’ focused on the research of singing in relation to the landscape. In 2014 and 2016, the Duo created two concert-­performances 'E lu me amu' and ‘Passi cantati’ as a result of artistic residences in the nature of the “Home for Research Pianpicollo Selvatico”, Levice (CN), Italy. In 2016 the Duo participated at the IV edition of Klangfestival Naturstimmen in Toggenburg (CH) and recorded a traditional Arbresh song included in the cd of the festival Naturstimmen vol.IV. In 2018 the Duo recorded in the Nature of the Gran Paradiso National Park the cd ‘NEL VIVO-serenate, lamenti e altri canti dell’anima (etichetta TUTL-DK). From 2017 to 2019 she led with the ethno psychologist Annalisa Sutera the workshop ‘Siamo usciti dalla terra’ for refugees and asylum seekers at Il Faro (Sprar), an Astalli Association’s reception center, aimed at  re-awakening singing and dance through learning the oral traditional polyphonies and developing proposals for choral movement.