Prima Mai

Prima Mai was born in Germany in 1962 and studied Communication Design in Hamburg. She left there in 1987 to live and work in Spain as a contemporary artist. It was in that period that she chose her artist name. She met Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 1989 and moved to Italy in 1990. Prima learned the Vajra Dance directly from Rinpoche and accompanied him for several years in his travels to assist in making the Vajra Dance known during Rinpoche’s seminars and retreats.

Prima Mai is one of the two main international Vajra Dance teachers appointed by Rinpoche with the authorization to train new instructors of the Vajra Dance. Since 1992 she has been giving courses worldwide and preparing related materials for publications and the general development of the Vajra Dance.

She speaks German, English, Spanish, and Italian as well as a little French. Her other general interests are alternative healing, new science and technology, music, and art. She has lived with her companion in Camogli, Italy, since 2001.