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The MACO is open Fridays through Sundays from 9:30 - 12:30 and from 15:30 - 18:30.

and on appointment; please contact email or telephone 05641640335.

The Museum is located in an eighteenth-century building in Arcidosso that formerly housed the Chancellery, part of the medieval complex of the Aldobrandesco Castle. The new exhibition center is located in this structure (made available by the Municipality of Arcidosso), the fruit of more than thrity-five years of collaboration between Merigar and the Municipality of Arcidosso.

The mission of the Museum is to collect, preserve, and communicate the precious Himalayan and Asian cultural heritage, and increase and stimulate intercultural dialogue. The rich collection of the Museum (collected by Prof. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu with the help of his family) is exhibited across nine thematic galleries along a sensory path that immerses visitors in various cultural and ethnographic experiences using state-of-the-art museum technologies such as panels, video, multimedia and interactive installations, and soundscapes.

New permanent exhibition

Silk Road Pilgrimage

“Silk Road Pilgrimage” surveys the cultural and commercial relationships between the East and
 West which have helped to shape our world.
The movement of ideas, peoples and technologies, are told through the treasures in the Namkhai
 Collection, on display to the public for the first time. Spanning millennia, linking worlds and perspectives from across Asia, the exhibition explores the Buddhist principle of Interdependence. 

Our guide is Xuanzang (602 - 664), the Chinese Buddhist monk who undertook the 17 year and 
25000 km pilgrimage across 110 countries, along the Silk Road from China to India in search of the original Buddhist texts. Return- ing to China with 657 Sanskrit scriptures, he spent the rest of his life translating them into Chinese. His travelogue, composed for the Emperor Taizong of the  Tang Dynasty, later helped to guide a generation of European explorers, at the beginning of the last century, to rediscover lost civilisations and artefacts, which now fill the world’s great museums. 


Exhibit: La Potenzialità degli Elementi

The MACO is pleased to host for the first time the work of the contemporary artist, Migmar Tsering, the director of the Cultural Association The Dynamic Space of the Elements. His paintings are inspired by an in-depth study of the ancient science of Tibetan astrology. These paintings are designed to balance the internal and external elements of each individual, and to help them achieve longevity, improve fortune and build personal capacities. On request, the exhibition has been extended until the Autumn of 2023. 

To learn more about these paintings and Tibetan astrology please visit:

Previous Exibition:

MEDITATION IN MOTION Foot steps to the sublime

The exhibition Meditation in Motion explores the world of Tibetan dance, through costumes, photographs, and video installations. From folk dances to Tibetan sacred dances, Cham and Gar, which transforms our ordinary perception of a given place into a perception of a consecrated space of pure existence: "the great mandala of action".


Created specifically for MACO by Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 2016, this sublime series of calligraphy was realized by brush, in golden ink on a deep blue lapislazzuli paper.  Many masters, scholars, and oriental poets, over the centuries, have trained in the art of calligraphy, reaching real forms of artistic and meditative expression where painting and writing become one.