Comunità Dzogchen di Merigar

Dear all,
We have been in office for a few months as the new Gakyil, and are slowly entering the complex mechanism of Merigar. It is a very demanding experience but also extremely interesting. We have picked up the baton from the previous Gakyil, who guided Merigar through the difficulties of the last years, and are trying to continue along the path they have taken. The credit for almost everything that has been done or is in the process of being done goes to them.
The program of summer activities was the result of a collaboration that started in the spring.
Our intention is to always keep open a channel of communication and reflection with the whole Sangha, continuing to send newsletters and promoting meetings of different kinds at Merigar.
Here we would like to point out some important moments that strongly characterized the life of the Merigar Dzogchen Community in recent months and to share some projects for the near future with you.
Greetings to all of you
The Merigar gakyil


Because of the immense value and importance of the Teachings generously and tirelessly transmitted by our Master, which have made us more aware, open, generous and loving towards the life that surrounds us, and for our evolution as individuals and as a human community, to celebrate 40 years of Merigar we organized a series of events that were free and open to all, some of which in collaboration with the Municipality of Arcidosso.
The events took place during the summer on different themes: on the one hand we shared the experiences and activities that have always characterized us, such as meditation, Yantra Yoga, the Vajra Dance and Khaita Joyful Dances, on the other hand aspiring to mutual enrichment, we opened ourselves to experiences with other groups, traditions and the various ways in which gratitude, love and solidarity could be expressed in the current situation.

The Forty Years of Merigar in The Mirror

Direct Transmission
given by Yeshi Silvano Namkhai 

There is no doubt that the most important event of recent years has been the Direct Transmission, given by Yeshi Silvano Namkhai in September.
Merigar was happy to have been able to contribute to the realization of this event, made possible by the generosity of Yeshi Namkhai. We are aware that for the whole community, and not only for the 'old' practitioners, but for this world and for the young it was an important opportunity.

Third Anniversary of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu 

September 27 was the third anniversary of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu's passing. The Community joined in six days of practice, in particular we focused on purification practices and Guruyoga, with our hearts turned to Him.
The practices took place in the Gönpa, with practitioners who came from different parts of Italy and the world. It was also transmitted in webcast in order to be together with all those who could not physically come to Arcidosso.
On September 27, during the last session of these days of practice, before the Invocation of the Lamp, there was a moment of sharing in silence, with the presence of Rosa Namkhai that was very intense and touching.

Coming soon

Practice retreat 

In the coming months we plan to organize some practice retreats; in particular to use a formula whereby the sessions will be divided between watching videos of the Master's retreats and collective explanations and practices led by teachers from the Community.

We will make a first "experimental" retreat on the theme "The most important points of Vision, Meditation, Behavior and Fruit, or Ati Nazercon" for the long weekend of November 1st and 2nd, more precisely from October 29th to November 2nd.

If it turns out to be a useful experience for both old and new practitioners, we will propose a retreat with this formula over the Christmas period.

 Learn more about the retreat "The most important points of Vision, Meditation, Behavior and Fruit, or Ati Nazer" from 29 October to 2 November

Work at Merigar 

Merigar is taking on a more beautiful and well-groomed appearance. Works at the Yellow House are almost finished, with the laying of a lawn at the front and the completion of the dining room.

Work on the path of awareness is going ahead. Several trees will be planted shortly and we are gearing up to schedule regular maintenance of the gardens at Merigar.

Together with our professional consultants (architect and geologist) we are continuing with the safety program for the land at Merigar, initiated by the previous Gakyil.



December 8
Chögyal Namkhai Norbu's birthday

For December 8, our Master's birthday, we are planning a day of practice and joyful sharing of moments and memories of us practitioners with the Master.

We would also like this date to become an anniversary to be celebrated together, Merigar and the whole Amiata community. Together with Dynamic Space and the Mayor of Arcidosso we are planning an event that will involve the local authorities and the population, with a parade of colorful costumes and a party that will culminate in Via Tibet in Arcidosso. Procedures are in place to name this street after Namkhai Norbu.

MACO and Merigar Library

Recently Costantino Albini donated part of his precious oriental art collection to Merigar. Valuable objects from various Asian countries were donated to MACO and numerous volumes of Buddhist art and texts to the Library.
We sincerely thank Constantino for his generous offer which makes the Museum and Library even richer.