Dzam was born in 1995; everyone knew it as the shop at Merigar, the seat of the Dzogchen Community. In the early years, it served practitioners and visitors by offering books, ritual objects, and
support materials for Buddhist practice as taught by the Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Over time, Dzam expanded and become a place for encounter and exchange among those interested in
Tibetan culture, art, and crafts. The founders of Dzam, Giorgio and Anna, traveled regularly to meet with Tibetan and Nepalese artisans and artists working in the Buddhist tradition, and also introduced
them to visitors at Merigar by displaying jewelry, textiles, and clothing in the shop.

In 2012, in response to the steady expansion of the Dzogchen Community around the world, Dzam opened an online shop, becoming accessible to friends across all time zones. Today Dzam is managed by Anna, and each year she travels to Nepal to select the objects that best embody the beauty and craftsmanship of the work of these artisans and traditional
producers. She knows Sunil, who works in silk, Ragjit the sculptor, Tsering, the lovely Tibetan woman who sells ritual objects, and many others whom she asks to create things for Dzam and for you.

Dzam also started to collaborate with some Western artisans and artists in the Dzogchen Community with an exclusive, limited series of clothing, items and jewelry inspired by Tibetan culture and life at