Il 6 Maggio, a pochi giorni dal'inizio dei lavori, uno spettacolo eccezionale nella vallata verso il Gönpa.


Friday, June 7, 2019. The work in progress is currently focused on the roofing and the outside decking.


The wooden structure has been completed, and 60% of the copper sheeting has been laid.


The removal of the existing decking surrounding the Gönpa has made it possible to verify the state of conservation of the load-bearing beams at the pillars and of the building’s subflooring.

Unfortunately, the situation in the vicinity of the pillars, noted also by the MOST company, is particularly compromised where the beams are concerned (three in particular). Currently, their load-bearing capacity is significantly reduced.

The process of consolidating the pillars and their supporting base is particularly complex but unfortunately absolutely essential.

Regarding the beams, it is been decided to introduce cement blocks at ground level that will serve as intermediate supporting bases and allow this section affected by rot to remain functional. In some instances, the beams of the internal flooring, which rest on these external beams, no longer have a stable base because water has destroyed the fiber of the wood on the upper part of the beams. Accordingly, it is being decided on a case-by-case basis how to intervene.




 May 13-18

In this week, the metal roofing experts of the Rubner company completed the work of laying copper sheeting on the roof of the Cinerarium.

At the Gönpa, the process of reconfiguring the guttering system was begun, starting by dismantling the existing covering, consisting of both copper and sheet metal.

The bays in the south and west have been removed in their entirety and their principal structures have been rebuilt. Together with the metal roofing experts, various test simulations of the gutters were carried out. The existing channel between the edge of the roof and the gutter has represented a critical element for the building in that in some instances it allowed water to infiltrate the wooden structure supporting the Gönpa.

The objective of modifying the configuration of the gutter system is to ensure the correct functioning of the system for collecting and draining water. This will prevent further damage in the future such as the deterioration discovered at the base of some of the pillars.

The positioning of the channel for draining rainwater outward will also simplify future maintenance, for example with ladders to remove accumulated leaves.

Visually and aesthetically it was decided to maintain the existing form of the external side characterizing the appearance of the roof, so the metal roofing team will prepare a sample by next week for final approval of the element to be used.

The engineers are conferring on the form and functionality of the external side of the copper gutter.

The persistent and extensive infiltration of water has led to severe rotting at the base of the pillar, destroying the fiber of the wooden base on which it was anchored and causing a serious deterioration of the sections coming into contact with it.

Once the roofing has been completed and the windows dismantled, the workers will proceed with the substitution of all the deteriorated sections no longer capable of serving a supporting function.


External decking
Part of the wooden railing has been removed to make it possible to remove the existing flooring and examine the understructure. The external decking will be redesigned to eliminate the hazardous differences in height at the entrance thresholds and ensure the necessary safety in case of emergency.


May 10

While the metal roofing experts continue to lay the copper on the roof of the Cinerarium, Rubner's workers have started to dismantle the external decking and the external walls of the Gönpa.


10 May

10 May

10 May


May 7: At the Cinerarium, the prep work of installing a substructure required as a base for the copper sheeting was completed and the copper sheeting now covers almost the entire roof.

7 May

7 May

The engineers Vitale and Gaspare inspecting the start of work at the Gönpa.

May 6: At 7 in the morning, an extraordinary phenomenon appeared in the valley near the Gönpa.

6 May


6 May

On May 2, the Rubner company delivered the material and equipment required to start the job.
On May 3, work began on the roof of the Cinerarium. When it was inaugurated in 2015, the work on the Cinerarium’s roof covering had not in fact been completed. The plan is to clad the roof in copper, similar to the Gönpa. Taking advantage of the fact that the workers, equipment, and construction site infrastructure are already in place, we have been able to secure significant cost savings since the companies involved are the same as those carrying out the extraordinary maintenance of the Gönpa.

3 May


2 May

On 12 April 2019, the lantern (the small structure mounted on the top of the domed roof) was removed by the technicians of the Teken company to begin the reconstruction.


12 April