Spring and Summer at Merigar - open programme

1 April – 29 September 2024

Spring and Summer at Merigar - open programme


Spring and Summer at Merigar 2024

Calendar of courses and events for next Spring and Summer at Merigar open to all. Details for each course and event will be provided in the related pages. 

View the calendar of events reserved to those who have received the Teachings from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or Yeshi Silvano Namkhai.

The Calendar is being updated.


April 2024

1 April 10.30am, Welcome to Merigar – Visit and Meditation experience

19-21 April Ku-nye (tibetan massage) on a chair and diet according to Tibetan Medicine, with Aldo Oneto

25 April 10.30am, Welcome to Merigar – Visit to the Temple of the Great Contemplation and the Merigar Library


May 2024

3-5 May, Meeting again; fourth meeting of Meditation and Yoga, with Tiziana Gottardi and Gino Vitiello

4-5 May Presentation of the Teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and the Dzogchen Community, only on zoom and in Italian and English

18-19 May Explanations and practice of Yantra Yoga on a Chair with Dina Priymak and Sergio Quaranta

19 May 3.30pm Kumar Kumari followed by the workshop "Re Giovanni e la Luna"  with Dina Priymak and Claudia Favilli


June 2024

2 June Merigar Open Day with presentation and workshops of the activities of the Dzogchen Community

20-27 June Dzogchen Teachings Retreat with Yeshi Namkhai

27 June Library Talks: A Meeting with Roberto Cacciapaglia. Music and Inner Research

28-29 June, Modern Gorshey course lead by Khaita instructors

29 June, 12 A afternoon dance session, with Adriana Dal Borgo

29 June Library Talks: The Life and Liberation of Nyagla Pema Düdul, with Oriol Aguilar

30 June 10.30am Welcome to Merigar - guided tours 


July 2024

6 July Library Talks: The Sun, motor of life and history with Alberto Pellizzoni 

7 July 6pm Welcome to Merigar - guided tours 

11-13 July, three sessions on the Song and Dance of Dzamling Gar, with Adriana Dal Borgo

14 July 4:30pm Welcome to Merigar - guided tours 

20-21 July, Seminar on the Dance of the Three Vajras, with Christiane Rhein

20 July Library Talks. The first quantum revolution: wave-particle duality, with Piero Paolino

21 July Library Talks. The second quantum revolution: entanglement, with Piero Paolino

23-26 July, Respira, with Fabio Andrico

27-28 Jujy Respira on the Chair course, with Fabio Andrico  

27 July  Library Talks. The Life-Story of Princess Mandarava with Cristiana de Falco

30 July – 4 August, Introduction to the Practice of Contemplation - Explanations and Practices based on the Text 'The Mirror' and the first part of 'Introduction to the practice of Contemplation'


August 2024

3 August Library Talks. The dialects of Amiata with Niccolò Lazzeretti

4 August 3pm Welcome to Merigar - guided tours 

5-7 August, Course on Tibetan Geomancy – Sachad, with Migmar Tsering

10 August Library Talks. Maratika, supreme place of pilgrimage, with Iacobella Gaetani

11 August, Day dedicated to children

11 August 5pm Welcome to Merigar - guided tours 

12-16 August, Yoga Holidays

14 August 6.15pm Welcome to Merigar - guided tours 

15 August Library Talks. A meeting of Haiku and music, with Paola Peruzzi and Jun Nakazawa

17 August Library Talks. Descartes' 'Discourse on Method' as a training in mindfulness with Lucia Antonelli

20 August-11 September 22nd Training for Translators from Tibetan

24 August Library Talks: Inside the Music - A short journey of discovery of sound with Giovanna Natalini

30 August-1 September, In-depth study of the Dance of the Vajra which Benefit Beings (in presence and via zoom with Russian translation)

31 August 5.30pm Welcome to Merigar - guided tours 


September 2024

7 September, Library Talks. Seed syllables and mantras in the Tibetan tradition, with Giorgio Dallorto

14 September, Library Talks. Rahu and the Eclipse, with Fabian Sanders


October 2024

4-6 October, Ku-nye Tibetan massage on a chair