21th Training for Translator from Tibetan

21 August – 10 September 2023

21th Training for Translator from Tibetan


Merigar is happy to host

21th Training for Translator from Tibetan

with Fabian Sanders

Come and enjoy Tibetan with us!

Join us and learn to translate ancient texts from the Tibetan tradition!

If you are already skilled you can deepen your knowledge, discuss techniques, compare with others, and train your ability in a collaborative environment inspired by the ancient practice of translating in groups.

Everyone who knows how to read and the basic grammar of Literary Dharma Tibetan is welcome to join us. We will have two levels - Beginners/intermediate and advanced - working on different texts alone or in group with full grammatical explanations and comments.

For Beginners/intermediate students, the course will work in the following way: we all meet at beginning of the class, both onsite and online. Students get a text and work on it individually for some time (usually 10 to 12), being able to ask questions and advice all the time, both online and onsite. Around noon, we all connect together and all will be able to see the shared instructor's screen; in turn each one will read a few lines, analyse the grammar and propose a translation. When it is clear and understood by all we move on to the next student. We do the same in the afternoon, doing the revision in the last hour (16.30-17.30). We will start with extracts from a biographical text and maybe change during the course.

If there are enough Italian speaking participants we will have the first two hours (10-12) dedicated to Italian speaking group.

For advanced students, if we will have enough of them:  we will work on their text every working day from 14:30 to 16:30. You are invited to prepare the text in advance and if you wish you can join the intermediate text revision to give comments and suggestions.


We do not record all our sessions, but we will produce a short video with the full explanation of the part of the text translated each day, so that students are able to keep the pace with ease.