Library Talks - Liberation Through Wearing

1 September 2023

Library Talks - Liberation Through Wearing


In collaboration with Shang Shung Institute Uk

Library Talks - Liberation Through Wearing: the Mantra Circle of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities.

with Giorgio Dallorto

We are pleased to host the sixth meeting of the Light of Kailash Lectures, a series of conference on Tibetan culture organized by Shang Shung Institute UK within our Library Talks!

In his talk, Giorgio will provide us with a short introduction to the different kinds of Tag drol painted in the cinerarium of Merigar West, the main seat of the Dzogchen Community in Italy. 

He will also provide a detailed explanation of the ” Mandala of Samantabhadra with mantras that liberate through hearing”.

This is the mantra circle of the peaceful and wrathful deities said to have been composed by Padmasambhava, revealed by Terton Karma Lingpa, and edited by Jigme Lingpa in the Longchen Nyingthig. Footage from the cinerarium in Merigar will also be shared with those attending.


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