Meeting on Kumar Kumari Yantra Yoga

24 July 2023

Meeting on Kumar Kumari Yantra Yoga



Meeting on Kumar Kumari Yantra Yoga 

with Laura Evangelisti

This meeting is reserved for Yantra Yoga practitioners who have followed a Kumar Kumari Teacher Training.

We will practice Kumar Kumari together and share the experiences of teaching this method.

Kumar Kumari is a Yantra Yoga method dedicated to children, conceived and written by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu taking into account the physical size, energy and breathing of children.

The peculiarity of Kumar Kumari is that it combines movements with breathing through the use of 10 syllables or sacred sounds, OM, A, HUM, 'A, A, HA , SHA, SA, MA and HAM to teach children to inhale and exhale correctly.

For its extremely beneficial potential, Yantra Yoga for children is compared by the author to a 'great medicine', as the practice of exercises balances the vital functions and all the other aspects necessary to keep children healthy and ensure them perfect growth.