Online Beginners Course of Yantra Yoga (in english)

19 October – 30 May 2024

Online Beginners Course of Yantra Yoga (in english)


We are happy to invite you to our Second edition of the English version of our

Online Beginners Course on Yantra Yoga

with Dina Priymak and Michele Corrado

Experience an authentic system of relaxation of body, energy and mind through this ancient Tibetan Yoga method and a year long Yantra Yoga program. Yantra Yoga, the Tibetan Yoga of Movement and Breath, is a perfect method which provides from the very beginning health and harmony to those who practice it. It is very effective in increasing muscle tissues and joints elasticity. Moreover, its main characteristics are to coordinate the energy and to relax the mind through the sequences of movements and conscious breathing. It is in fact a powerful yoga which brings balance and relieves stress and anxiety. In order to participate, it is not required any particular preparation or physical attitude.

Our comprehensive program offers the flexibility to join online, allowing you to learn and to review the material at your own pace. Our adapted schedule ensures that you can master every movement, from the Preliminaries to open-level Pranayamas and Yantras, with ease. Benefit from weekly guided classes led by our instructors tailored to guarantee advancement and adaptability. Additionally, recorded sessions are available anytime, providing a fully online experience. People new to the practice of Yantra Yoga have time to join until January 2024. Those who are experienced and have trained in Yantra Yoga can join at any time during the program.

We offer the weekly classes on Zoom, every Thursday at 6 pm, Rome time. We start on October 19th, 2023 and the program ends on May 30th of 2024.

The Program is online and we encourage you to attend live as much as you can; however the sessions will be recorded for replay as well. Accompaniment and continuous communication with the instructors will be available through a chat group. 

At the end of the course you will have a possibility to be a part of our Yantra Yoga Online Community and continuing to practice together once a week!

In the meetings we will study the Base of Yantra Yoga:

  • Introduction to the principles of Yantra Yoga
  • Explanation and practice of the correct posture for breathing
  • Explanation and basic instructions of the fluid and complete breathing according to Yantra Yoga        
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Explanation and practice of the 9 purification breathings
  • Explanation and practice of the Tsijong, the Loosening the joints exercises
  • Explanation and practice of the Lungsang or 8 Movements
  • Explanation and practice of the Tsandul, the exercises to balance the energy
  • Explanation and practice of the first 2 Series of Yantra Yoga
  • Explanation and practice of Rhythmic Breathing
  • Relaxation of body, voice and mind

About Yantra Yoga:

Yantra Yoga, practiced in the past by the Mahasiddhas of India and Pakistan, was originally brought to Tibet by Padmasambhava in the 8th century and entrusted to the scholar, master, and translator Vairochana who recorded the practice in a text known as the “Trulkor Nyida Khajor”, or the Union of Sun and Moon. It was first introduced to the West in the 1970s by one of the foremost Dzogchen masters of our time, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and later made openly available, understanding the immense benefit it holds for everyone.

At the level of the body Yantra Yoga practice can help us deeply relax our body, ease pain and discomfort caused by stiffness and tension and improve sleep quality. Our body becomes lighter and flexible and therefore circulation, articular health and general mobility is improved. At the level of the breathing we become more aware of the way we breathe, our breathing is deeper, calmer, and our lung capacity increases. We also access breathing techniques whenever we need to induce relaxation. At the level of our mind we can find a deep sense of relaxation, reduce anxiety, elevate our emotional state, increase calmness, and a sense of peace and tranquillity. The practice can also reduce mental burnout, and fogginess, and have a recharging and energizing effect, making our mind sharper and more focused with more presence and awareness.


It is not necessary for students to have prior knowledge in Yantra Yoga or any other Yoga method. The idea of the program is to offer opportunities to connect with the community of the practitioners from around the world and to make the most of our collective experience. That's why we encourage students to attend at least 50% of the classes live, the rest can be done live or deferred as best suits them. 

People with prior knowledge of Yantra Yoga who wish to do a particular classes and not the entire program, can do so as long as they know the previous content. People new to Yantra Yoga who wish to do the program once it has started can do so, as long as they commit to watch the previous workshops and taking into account that this option for each meeting will only be available for one month